Logging and Forestry Operations in Australia and New Zealand

Rely on Durable Load Cells 

In the demanding world of logging operations, reliable performance is key. This is where Bending Beam Load Cells and Shear Beam Load Cells come into play. Mounted on trucks, Bending Beam Load Cells accurately measure incremental load additions at pick-up locations, providing invaluable data. Meanwhile, Shear Beam Load Cells, initially designed for logging trucks and trailers, exhibit versatile adaptability for various applications. These load cells are engineered to withstand the demanding conditions of logging, ensuring consistent and dependable performance.

Shear beam load cell image

Bending Beam Logging Load Cells

Extremely rugged and durable load cell for on-board applications. Load cell is typically mounted on a straight truck between the truck chassis and the truck body. Sensitive enough to measure incremental load additions to the truck’s body at individual pick-up locations.

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Optional Bending Beam Logging Load Cells:
8300420-10R - 22.6" Bending Beam
8300490-10R - 22.6" Bending Beam, Low Profile
8300600-13R - 17.5" Bending Beam, Low Profile
8300610-13R - 13" Bending Beam, Low Profile

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Shear Beam Logging Load Cells

Designed for performance, reliability and long life our shear beam load cells are second to none. This load cell is designed for the rigors of logging. Constructed primarily for mounting under the bunks of logging trucks and trailers. Can be adapted to many body frame applications.

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Optional Shear Beam Load Cells:
8300755-10R - 26" Shear Beam
8300890-13R - 15" Shear Beam
8301520-13R - 17.5" Shear Beam
8301900-10R - 28" Shear Beam

9150 On-Board Trailer Weighing Systems for Forestry

Our Forestry Systems are now available with our easy to use and interactive 9150 meter. Check with your local dealer for options to upgrade your system today! 

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9150 On-Board Trailer Weighing Systems image

Custom Solutions

Through our Stress-tek brand, we have provided custom solutions for the wood products industry ranging from grapple-arm weighing systems, stress-analysis in engineered wood products manufacturing and force sensors for CLT/Mass-Timber construction. For all of your load cell design and stress-analysis needs, visit us today.

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We rely on our SI On-Board Scales every trip to ensure that we maximize our loads.

Jake ThompsonTTT Timber, Inc.

We use SI On-Board Scales on our fleet of log trucks. Whether our trucks are running off road in harsh conditions or over the highway, the SI scales consistently provide accurate readings. We rely on our SI scales every trip to ensure that we maximize our loads. The majority of our haul routes pay by the ton so it is critical for us to maximize our revenue. Our SI On-Board Scales are very accurate, and our confidence in them has been proven through years of use. We have been pleased with how easy the scales are to use and adjust, and with their longevity in rugged conditions.