Tipping the Scales of Precision Weighing with Aggregate and Concrete Solutions

Durability to Last with the Precision You Need

Originally designed and manufactured in the Pacific Northwest for the Timber industry, the proven performance of SI On-Board scales led us to become the industry leader across multiple markets. Our aggregate and concrete customers know that what we bring to the table is unmatched durability and precision weighing performance.  Let our broad range of solutions go to work for you today.

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Dump Truck Systems

Designed with versatile durability for on and off-road applications, our rugged Shear Pin Load cells in the rear hinge assembly and our Hydraulic sensors for the front lift cylinder combine to provide the tools to you need to optimize your load.

SI Dump Truck Weighing systems typically provide accuracy within 1 % of GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight). Our In-Cab Meters displays gross vehicle and net payload weights with immediate driver alerts in the event of unsafe or overloaded situations.

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End Dump Trailers

We offer a wide variety of weighing systems for End Dump Trailers. Whether they have spring, air or mixed suspensions. For trucks and trailers with air suspensions, we use our SI All-Digital Air Pressure sensors. Trucks equipped with spring suspensions use either Shear Beam Load cells, Fifth Wheel Load cells, or Hydraulic Pressure sensors. SI Trailer solutions include a Trunnion Load cell in the suspension or shear pins at the tipping point.

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Cement Mixer Solutions

SI Single Point and Three Point systems are easy to use and offer reliability for a wide variety of Cement mixers. Measure your full or remaining payloads for maximum profits and improve your safety and efficiency by monitoring buildup. Another SI Solution…Another problem solved.

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TUFFER Front Loader Scale Solutions

TUFFER Weigh-In Motion Loader Scales provide the critical information needed to load maximum weights faster, and keep trucks moving without going to a central scale location. This means you get increased productivity on every load…every day! SI On-Board scales make it faster to consistently load accurate weights, while TUFFER is designed to meet the demand and handle the extreme environments found in aggregate operations.

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We rely on our SI On-Board Scales every trip to ensure that we maximize our loads.

Jake ThompsonTTT Timber, Inc.

We use SI On-Board Scales on our fleet of log trucks. Whether our trucks are running off road in harsh conditions or over the highway, the SI scales consistently provide accurate readings. We rely on our SI scales every trip to ensure that we maximize our loads. The majority of our haul routes pay by the ton so it is critical for us to maximize our revenue. Our SI On-Board Scales are very accurate, and our confidence in them has been proven through years of use. We have been pleased with how easy the scales are to use and adjust, and with their longevity in rugged conditions.