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Welcome to the widest range of heavyweight performers for your refuse vehicles. SI offers Front, Side and Rear Loader solutions ranging from our most robust and accurate load cell systems to Route Management transducers, Overload, and Air systems.

With flexible solutions (shown below) for Roll-Off, Transfer, and Dump Truck systems along with Loader Scales in a wide range of electronics, your search for comprehensive, operational optimization is over! Get On-Board today.

Refuse Front Fork System image

Front Fork System – R506

SI On-Board (through our sister brand, Vulcan Scales) offers Front Fork Scales designed for front loaders in refuse applications. These bolted on, rugged weight sensing forks replace the trucks existing forks, or available for purchase with a scale-ready, cross-tube assembly. Made from solid bars of the strongest alloy steel and reinforced with plates for corrosion protection, SI lightweight Fork Scales provide superior strength with virtually no impact on the truck’s weight! Get On-Board today.

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R506 - Manual Front Fork Scale System (3.5”,4” and 4.5” cross-tubes)
R516 - Weigh-In-Motion/Static Front Fork (3.5”,4” and 4.5” cross- tubes)
Front Fork Scale - Installation and Service Manual

Refuse six point system image

Fixed Six Point Scale System - 9101050

SI Body Scale system uses 13” side connector Shear-Beam load cells for the refuse applications of both tipping (bodies that both tip to dump and for service) and fixed (bodies that are fix mounted and don’t tip for service). Typically, four to six load cells are used, but we also align our systems to meet any of your specific operational needs. Get On-Board today.

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9101050-01 - 6 Point 9150 Fixed Body Mount Sys/ McNeilus, Wittke
9101785-10 - Four Point Body Scale 4 lead transmitter
9150 - Meter Load Cell Based Systems

Refuse deflection transducer system

Deflection Transducer Scale System

Depending on the application, SI Deflection Transducer Scale systems use either standard (neutral axis) or multiple deflections. The deflection transducer combination is determined by the suspension used and the specific vehicle being scaled. Our Deflection Transducer systems are efficient, lower-cost alternatives for vehicle applications needing to maximize loads without the higher level of accuracy provided by load cells. A variety of kits are available for different configurations, suspensions, and axle group weights. Get On-Board today!

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9100630-01 - 3 Trans. Front Axle & Walking Beam (Chalmers/Hendrickson)
9100660 - 2 Trans. Front & Rear for Mack Camelback (9100GW)
9100660-01 - 2 Trans. Front and Rear for Mack Camelback (9100LD)
9100750-02 - Neutral Axis Beam and Tandem Beam with 9100 LD Meter
9100125-C - 2 Trans system for walking beams
9100630-04 - 4 Transducer system
9100630-05 - Single Point Front Axle Transducer System
9150 - Deflection Transducer Systems

Refuse Shear Pin montage image

On-Board Roll-Off Scale System

The SI Roll-Off scale for the 2 ½” and 3” Rear Hinge Pin designs combines years of In-Field experience and technology to provide the reliability and accuracy beyond expectation. The VSL Hydraulic Sensor unites our transmitters and sensors into single stainless steel housing to obtain and measure hoist cylinder pressure.

SI Shear Pin load cells replace the existing pins to measure weight in the rear hinge assembly. Optional retaining collars allow adaptation to different roll-off configurations. Get On-Board with Easy-to-Operate electronics that communicate the total container or axle weight to the driver.

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  • R313 – 2 ½” Rear Hinge Pins without mounting kit (Galbreath, Accurate, Galfab)
  • R323 – 2 ½” Rear Hinge Pins with mounting kit (Drago, Rudco, McClain hoists)
  • R343 - 3” Rear Hinge Pins without mounting kit (K-Pac hoists)
  • R353Low Hinge Roll-Off System (G & H hoists, Benlee hoists, Dunright hoists, Roll-off USA hoists)
  • R363 – American Roll-Off Hoist System

Fifth Wheel Tractor Systems For Refuse

SI offers the industry’s largest selection of fifth wheel options. Designed to fit under Holland, Fontaine, Simplex or JOST Fifth Wheel plates, our solutions replace the need for standard risers or slider brackets. The load cell provides immediate weight information, without substantially adding to the trailer height or tractor weight.

SI CAST Fifth Wheel systems serve as direct replacements for both the standard and heavy-duty Holland Fifth Wheel ILS Slider. Get On-Board today!

Refuse red truck image
Refuse fontaine system image

Holland Fixed Fifth Wheel System (Tractor Only) - 9101485

The Holland fifth wheel system increases profits for haulers. Designed for both OEM and retrofit installations, the system is easy to install and provides years of trouble free operation.

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9101485-50 Holland Fixed 9150 System

Refuse Holland slider image

Holland Slider Fifth Wheel Slider (Tractor Only) - 9100460

Substantially increase your hauling profits with our Holland Fifth Wheel systems. Designed for both OEM and Retrofit installations, these systems offer big advantages with easy installation and years of efficient, effective operation. Get On-Board today!

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Technical Bulletin - Holland Fifth Wheel Slider

Refuse Holland ILS image

Holland ILS Slider, Cast Load Cell Weighing System (Tractor Only) - 9100500

Talk about getting On-Board quickly, our Holland ILS Cast load cell requires no welding for easy installation. Simply remove the existing brackets and replace with your new heavyweight champion. You’ll be rewarded with an outstanding system performance WITHOUT increasing your Fifth Wheel height! Get On-Board today.

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Technical Bulletin - B-148 Holland ILS Slider
Easy as 1-2-3 Brochure - Easy 1-2-3 Install brochure

Holland Heavy Duty image

Holland Heavy Duty Fixed Fifth Wheel System (Tractor Only) - 9100600

Specifically designed for Fixed Fifth Wheel Holland FW70 Top Plates, this SI solution features direct, precision weighing for your heaviest payloads. Every pound counts on the road to higher profits. Get On-Board today!

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Technical Bulletin - B-152 Holland Heavy Duty

Refuse Holland Severe Duty image

Holland Severe Duty ILS Slider Cast Fifth Wheel System (Tractor Only) - 9100650

The SI Holland Severe Duty ILS Cast Load Cell is designed to meet the demands of heavy haul vehicles. Requiring no additional welding for installation, this weighing solution is all about performance ease and efficiency. Simply remove the existing brackets and replace with your new SI system.

Get On-Board to higher profits and performance without increasing your Fifth Wheel height!

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Technical Bulletin - B-153 Holland Severe Duty ILS Slider

Refuse fontaine system image

Fontaine Fifth Wheel System (Tractor Only) - 9101495

Our SI Fontaine Fifth Wheel systems come On-Board to immediately increase your hauling profits. Designed for both OEM and Retrofit installations, these SI solutions are easy to install and provide years of stress-free maintenance and reliable operation. Focus on the long haul with big-picture profits. Get On-Board today!

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Technical Bulletin - Fontaine Fifth Wheel

Refuse JOST system image

JOST Fifth Wheel System (Tractor Only) - 9100550

Our JOST Fifth Wheel Systems maximize your monetary hauls. Designed for both OEM and Retrofit installations, these SI solutions are easy to install and provide years of efficient, worry-free operation.Get On-Board today!

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Technical Bulletin - JOST Fifth Wheel

On-Board Trailer Weighing Systems for Refuse

Our SI Load Cell Based Trailer systems continue to set the industry standard for durable and reliable performance achievement. Available through most trailer manufacturers, you can begin your journey to smarter safety while optimizing your Load. Get On-Board today!

Refuse Warren trailer Ejector image
Refuse Hutch Center pt system

Hutch 9700, Dual Axle Weighing System (Trailer Only) – 9300305-02

SI Center Hanger/Leaf Spring On-board system provides accurate (net and gross) weight information for a variety of your hauling applications. This solution provides you with years of efficient operation. Designed for use with Tandem, Tridem and Quad Axle groupings, you can leave your operational worries behind by getting On-Board today!

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Refuse Single Point System image

Single Point Trailer System - 9301025

This SI innovative solution offers gross or net vehicle weight for your trailer. Our Single Point Load Cell systems provide accurate vehicle weight information for a variety of your hauling applications. Designed for both OEM and Retrofit installations, the system is also easy to install and delivers years of stress-free operation. Designed for use with all single point trailer suspensions utilizing a 4” trunnion shaft, it’s easy for you to get On-Board today!

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Air scale image

Air Scale System - 9101310

Our SI Onboard Air Scale systems provide gross or net vehicle weight by monitoring air pressure from your air suspension and converting it to weight. These SI solutions provide valuable information to avoid overload fines, choose disposal sites, and reduce maintenance.

Our systems can be installed on any truck with an air suspension. Axle Group weights are provided as well as gross and net weights. Rear-Axle-Group-Only and Front-Axle-Group-Only systems are also available.  For better operation, accuracy, reliability, and longevity, get On-Board with your SI Air Scale system today!

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9101330-10 - Air Scale Tractor and Trailer System with 9100 GW Meter
9101310-10 - Air Scale, Two Channel with 9100 W Meter, Tractor Only
9101310-10QC - Air Scale, Four Channel with 9100QC Meter, Tractor Only
9100620 - Air Scale, Dual Air Suspension Trailer Only
9300870-10 - Air Scale, Trailer Only (No Meter)
9300880-01 - Dual Leveling Valve Air Sensor Adapter Kit Tractor or Trailer

Tuffer hydraulics sandwich block image

TUFFER Front Loader Scale Solutions for the Refuse Industry

Without going to a central scale location, TUFFER Weigh In Motion Loader Scales provide the information needed to load maximum weights faster and keep trucks on the road to higher profits. SI On-Board scales make it faster to load accurate weights every time and TUFFER is built to survive the rugged environments found in refuse environments. SI delivers the most dynamic combinations in the weighing industry so you can maximize profits EVERY day…with EVERY load! Get On-Board today.

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We rely on our SI On-Board Scales every trip to ensure that we maximize our loads.

Jake ThompsonTTT Timber, Inc.

We use SI On-Board Scales on our fleet of log trucks. Whether our trucks are running off road in harsh conditions or over the highway, the SI scales consistently provide accurate readings. We rely on our SI scales every trip to ensure that we maximize our loads. The majority of our haul routes pay by the ton so it is critical for us to maximize our revenue. Our SI On-Board Scales are very accurate, and our confidence in them has been proven through years of use. We have been pleased with how easy the scales are to use and adjust, and with their longevity in rugged conditions.