VPG Onboard Weighing has been a market leader in on-vehicle weighing systems since the mid-1980s. As a dynamic, forward-thinking company, we have a lot to tell you about, from the groundbreaking overload protection and payload optimization solutions pioneered by our in-house R&D team to our rapidly growing international partner network to the numerous events we exhibit at all year round, both in person and virtually.

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We rely on our SI On-Board Scales every trip to ensure that we maximize our loads.

Jake ThompsonTTT Timber, Inc.

We use SI On-Board Scales on our fleet of log trucks. Whether our trucks are running off road in harsh conditions or over the highway, the SI scales consistently provide accurate readings. We rely on our SI scales every trip to ensure that we maximize our loads. The majority of our haul routes pay by the ton so it is critical for us to maximize our revenue. Our SI On-Board Scales are very accurate, and our confidence in them has been proven through years of use. We have been pleased with how easy the scales are to use and adjust, and with their longevity in rugged conditions.